Happy April 2023! New mutations and stickers

Admin - 2023-03-31

As the world comes alive with the vibrant colors of spring, OviPets has some exciting news for its loyal fanbase. With the arrival of April, OviPets has decided to shower its beloved Lepus and Slime s...

OviPets Turns 11: Exciting New Species, Stickers, and More! 🎉

- 2022-09-01

Happy 11th birthday OviPets! New Species: Anura First up, let's give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the OviPets family: the Anura! This lively species is both curious and easygoing, always...

Exciting New Features and Updates on OviPets: Stickers, Backgrounds, and More!

- 2021-12-18

Hey OviPets fans! We've got some fantastic news to share with you today. The OviPets team has been working hard to bring us some new features and updates that will make our pet customization experienc...

Changes to Credit Rates and Tackling Egg-Turning Abuses

Admin - 2021-11-24

Greetings, OviPets enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you today regarding recent changes to the credit rate system on our beloved platform. As a dedicated OviPets fan site, we are h...

OviPets Feed Updates: New Features and Improvements

Admin - 2021-09-13

Hey OviPets fans! OviPets is back with some exciting updates that have recently rolled out on our favorite virtual pet game. The OviPets team has been hard at work cleaning up the challenge interface,...

Happy 10th Birthday to OviPets

Admin - 2021-09-01

OviPets has now been around for 10 years, and in celebration of that, they did release A LOT of new mutations & features! New Features and Fixes: * mini-game (Peek-a-Mute & Art Quest) * Big text ( h1...

New feature: OviPets Tutorials

OviExtra - 2021-07-10

We now reintroduce OviPets Tutorials to the site. Finally, we will be able to help a lot more users of OviPets. At the moment there's is only a few tutorials added, more will be added later on. The t...

New species: Mantis

Admin - 2021-05-01

Yet again we got an adorable species from OviPets, a big welcome to the species Mantis! The Mantis is the first-ever insect introduced on the game OviPets, which is super fun! It comes with 64 mutatio...

OviPets Advent Calendar 2020

Admin - 2020-12-13

We just added the Advent Calendar 2020 to our little collection of OviPets related stuff. This is perfect for those who missed to collect some calendar doors or the calendar is no longer active on Ovi...

Mutation chart is now 100% for all species

Admin - 2020-12-01

OviPets recently added a lot of new mutations for the charts and events. We did spend a good amount of coins to be able to research them all for the OviPets gamers. Head over to Species[!] now and c...

Phanta the new species and its an elephant

Admin - 2020-09-01

OviPets brings yet another species to the game. The Phanta is here and it's absolutely lovely, reminds me of a lot of Disney's Dumbo character. Can't wait to see what mutations they have in store fo...

Mutation Chart Images

Admin - 2020-06-14

We just made it easier to share a **Mutation charts** right on OviPets and the image will automatically be updated when we add more mutations to our resource fansite. Sounds fantastic? What are you wa...

Bye Easter, hello Spring Event Mutations

Admin - 2020-05-02

Today OviPets announced that the Easter event has been renamed to Spring and moved up to May instead of April since April will now be April Fools month. Anyway, there is a lot of new mutations for us...

Top 100 joined groups of OviPets

Admin - 2020-04-12

There is a lot of groups made on OviPets (8923 to be exact, deleted not included), we did a top list of the most joined groups. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the top 100 most popular groups of OviPets!

Slime away! OviPets introduces a new specie

Admin - 2020-04-01

Today I was expecting a joke from OviPets since it's the first of April (April Fool's Day) but instead, they introduced a new specie called *Slime*. According to OviPets this lovely little thing come...

This is how many eggs you need to turn to get 100 credits

Admin - 2020-03-31

Are you curious about how many eggs you need to turn around to find 100 credits? We have all been there and chased those credits for hours, including me! So I did count every turned egg, every credit...

Welcome to OviExtra

Admin - 2020-03-27

Once again, welcome to the number #1 fansite of the game OviPets. Today I Am proud to announce a completely new version of the site. Nothing is the same, everything is remade from scratch. The site i...

In loving memory of the old site

Admin - 2020-03-27

Curious on how the site used to look like back in 2014? We did save some screenshots just in that case. Rest in peace old version of OviExtra!