OviPets Feed Updates: New Features and Improvements

Admin - 2021-09-13

Hey OviPets fans! OviPets is back with some exciting updates that have recently rolled out on our favorite virtual pet game. The OviPets team has been hard at work cleaning up the challenge interface, fixing pesky bugs (like those title tags), and introducing some awesome new features. We can't wait to dive into these changes and share them with you!

Image Uploads: Add Personality to Your Feed The OviPets team has brought us image uploads for feed posts and comments. To add an image, simply click the "Image" button and select your picture. The image won't be visible in the preview, but don't worry – it'll be there once you post! Keep in mind that uploading is only available to paid users, as it requires additional storage on the platform.

New Comment Section: A Live Feed Experience Say hello to the revamped comment section! The comment field for posts has been moved to the bottom of the post, and it now offers a "live" feed experience. When the comment field is in focus, you'll see new comments appear automatically. Plus, you can now preview and add images to your comments as well.

Badges: Show Off Your OviPets Status The latest update brings us badges to showcase your OviPets status. Paid users will have a special badge, and if you've reserved a name (which also requires paid status), your badge will be replaced accordingly. But that's not all – new badges for mods and staff members have also been introduced.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy breeding, OviPets enthusiasts!