OviPets Turns 11: Exciting New Species, Stickers, and More! 🎉

- 2022-09-01
OviPets Turns 11: Exciting New Species, Stickers, and More! 🎉 image

Happy 11th birthday OviPets!

New Species: Anura First up, let's give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the OviPets family: the Anura! This lively species is both curious and easygoing, always ready to explore with a smile. With their active nature, they're sure to bring a whole new level of excitement to your OviPets experience. The Anura comes with an impressive range of mutations and a total of 15 mutation slots!

New Stickers To celebrate their birthday and the arrival of fall, they introduced three new stickers, including one exclusive and two permanent additions.

Fall is Here and Chiropy Returns As the seasons change, OviPets welcome back all the familiar fall mutations. Plus, the much-anticipated return of the seasonal Chiropy species!

Quality of Life Changes

In the spirit of OviPets birthday celebration, They implemented some quality-of-life updates to make your OviPets experience even better.

Splices available for trades: Paid users can now trade inventory splices with other users through trade requests. Auction updates: Users can now add inventory splices to auctions, and we've increased the limit to allow up to 100 pets and splices in auctions. Additionally, auction end times will automatically extend by 10 minutes after the last bid change, ensuring a fair bidding process. Lock Away Credits: To prevent accidental spending, you now have the option to lock away your credits. Sorting in Hatchery: We've added a sorting button to the eggs and unnamed sections of the hatchery for improved organization.