Slime away! OviPets introduces a new specie

Admin - 2020-04-01
Slime away! OviPets introduces a new specie image

Today I was expecting a joke from OviPets since it's the first of April (April Fool's Day) but instead, they introduced a new specie called Slime.

According to OviPets this lovely little thing comes with 60+ mutations for us to research (this may be too good to be true, we will see about that, could be a joke), The slime will be available from today to the end of the month (1st of April - 30th of April).

I am currently researching this cute little thing, can't wait to unlock its mutations and add them to our site! Slime's mutation thee will soon be available here at OviExtra!

Click here to see the Slime Mutations Chart