This is how many eggs you need to turn to get 100 credits

Admin - 2020-03-31

Are you curious about how many eggs you need to turn around to find 100 credits? We have all been there and chased those credits for hours, including me!

So I did count every turned egg, every credit found and came to a conclusion on how much time and effort it takes to make 100 credits.

After 1480 turned eggs I finally retched my goal of a total 100 credits found! So according to my count, there is a 6.6% chance of finding a credit when turning eggs, found my very first credit after 6 tries.

On the first 100 turned egg I'd find 7 credits with a 7% chance. 250 turned eggs gave me 15 new credits, 6% chance. 500 turned eggs gave me 38 new credits, 7.6% chance. 750 turned eggs gave me 53 new credits, 7.1% chance. 1000 turned eggs gave me 73 new credits, 7.3% chance. 1500 turned eggs gave me 102 new credits, 6.8% chance.

If you are an Egg Ninja with the luck of finding new eggs to turn all the time I'd say that it takes roughly 6 hours to get 100 new credits on OviPets by turning eggs!

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