This is how many eggs you need to turn to get 100 credits

Admin - 2020-03-31
This is how many eggs you need to turn to get 100 credits image

Are you curious about how many eggs you need to turn around to find 100 credits? We have all been there and chased those credits for hours, including me!

So I did count every turned egg, every credit found and came to a conclusion on how much time and effort it takes to make 100 credits.

After 1480 turned eggs I finally retched my goal of a total 100 credits found! So according to my count, there is a 6.6% chance of finding a credit when turning eggs, found my very first credit after 6 tries.

On the first 100 turned egg I'd find 7 credits with a 7% chance. 250 turned eggs gave me 15 new credits, 6% chance. 500 turned eggs gave me 38 new credits, 7.6% chance. 750 turned eggs gave me 53 new credits, 7.1% chance. 1000 turned eggs gave me 73 new credits, 7.3% chance. 1500 turned eggs gave me 102 new credits, 6.8% chance.

If you are an Egg Ninja with the luck of finding new eggs to turn all the time I'd say that it takes roughly 6 hours to get 100 new credits on OviPets by turning eggs!

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