Welcome to OviExtra

Admin - 2020-03-27
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Once again, welcome to the number #1 fansite of the game OviPets.

Today I Am proud to announce a completely new version of the site. Nothing is the same, everything is remade from scratch. The site is now a lightweight version of the old site. Some functionality is not yet made, this will of course be built-in over time, so don't worry :)

What's the big difference between this site and the old one?! You may ask. Well, this site is not self-hosted at my home, we now use reliable services for this witch means that the site will stay up and running! The old site was made with the language PHP back in 2014, now it's made with the popular Javascript framework React, or to be more specific Preact witch is a light version of React. And the backend part is made with NodeJS.

So let's rebuild the good old fansite we once had together!