OviPets Advent Calendars: 2016

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Advent Calendar 2016 background
Candy Cane Tail mutationCandy Cane Tail
Fawn Body mutationFawn Body
Ice Spikes mutationIce Spikes
Frost Back mutationFrost Back
Full Suri mutationFull Suri
Avalanche Wings mutationAvalanche Wings
Avalanche Tail mutationAvalanche Tail
Icicle Horn mutationIcicle Horn
Yeti Body mutationYeti Body
Cougar Head mutationCougar Head
Snowy Owl Wings mutationSnowy Owl Wings
Snow Flake Cheeks mutationSnow Flake Cheeks
Snow Flake Back mutationSnow Flake Back
Ice Swan mutationIce Swan
Ice Swan Legs mutationIce Swan Legs
Gingerbread Head mutationGingerbread Head
Gingerbread Body mutationGingerbread Body
Gingerbread Tail mutationGingerbread Tail
5x Multi Splices mutation5x Multi Splices
Walrus Head mutationWalrus Head
Walrus Flukes mutationWalrus Flukes
Walrus Fins mutationWalrus Fins
Forest Cat Mane mutationForest Cat Mane
Fawn Ears mutationFawn Ears
Ice Swan Wings mutationIce Swan Wings
Ice Swan Tail mutationIce Swan Tail